Friday, November 9, 2012

Kitchen Confidential Culinary class

"Learn to to win Heart by Cooking with Sadia"

It’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Take a Kitchen Confidential culinary class with Chef Sadia and learn the secrets to win the heart of your MAN. There are great meal ideas and family recipes to make your future home simply the HOT kitchen. After the crash course you will be able to whip up many dishes that will make him feel comforted and cared for. No need to worry & Panic even if you are about to marry soon, simply enroll yourself to the class and leave the rest with Sadia THE CHEF to teach you how to win hearts of your future in laws and husbands in the very nick of time.

Who Should Attend?
* Marrying soon
* Newly Married
* House Wives
* College/University Girls

Cuisines Covered:
* Pakistani Cuisines
* Continental Cuisines
* Chinese Cuisines
* Italian Cuisines
* Bakery Items

Fresh Start 25Dishes  4Weeks 2Classes Per Week Rs.12000/-
Mid level 50Dishes 8weeks 2Classes Per Week Rs.18000/-
Cooking Expert 100Dishes 12weeks 3Classes Per Week Rs.30000/-

How to Register?
For those who would like to attend these training classes, call or Email us for registration.
* This Class is only for Females
* All payments must be received prior to the workshop.
* No refunds will be made upon cancellation.

These classes are open for public and we are conducted in English & URDU

For inquiries contact us at:
HOTLINE : 92.313.2813281 / 92.321.9204942
Email :