Wednesday, January 13, 2010



1-300 gm yoghurt
2-1/2 kg chicken
3-2 onions,chopped
4-1/4 cup oil
5-2 tbsp garlic ginger paste
6-Salt to taste
7-6 green chilies
8-3 big cardamoms
9-4 small cardamoms
10-4-6 cloves and whole black pepper
11-2 bay leaves
12-1 cinnamon stick
13-1/2 bunch coriander,chopped


1-Heat oil and fry onions but care should be taken that onions should not turn brown.As we are making white curry so fry onions on low heat.

2-Add both cardamoms, cloves,black pepper,bay leaves and cinnamon.

3-Now add chicken and garlic ginger paste. Stir it well.

4-Add yogurt and 1 cup water and salt, cover it for few minutes.

5-Add green chilies when gravy started to dry up. Cook till chicken is tender and done.Garnish it with coriander.

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