Friday, December 16, 2011



1-chicken 1 kg(boneless)cut it in cubes
2-Onion one medium
3-Tomatoes 2 medium
4-Ginger garlic paste 1tsp
5-Whole gram masala 1 tsp
6-Green chilies 4 TO 5
7-fresh cream half cup
8-Grated coconut 3 Tbsp
9- Bay leaf 1
10- Black pepper 1 tsp
11- salt as per taste
12-Butter 2 tbsp
13-Mint and corriander leaves half half bunch
14-Gram masala (powder) 1 tsp
15-yougart 4 tbsp
16- Oil 3 tbsp

1-Take a bowl an marinate chicken with yougart, salt gram masala (powder) and put it the the refrigerator
for half an hour.

2-Then take a blender, and cut tomatoes, onion, mint and corriander leaves, green chilles,and grated coconut
and make a paste if necessary than add some water while making the paste.

3-Then take a pan add oil than add butter ,whole gram masala,and bay leaf and when nice aroma is coming out add marinated chicken
and stir fry on a medium flame till the oil seprates and chicken coked properly.

4- Take out in a dish and put cream on the top and serve with nan.

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