Monday, July 8, 2013


 Chicken nuggets are one of the favorite snack or kids and adults
 you can make this simple recipe on if tar also.


1- Chicken 1/2 kg (boneless)
2- onion 1 medium(chopped)
3- Black pepper 1 tsp
4- Salt as per taste
5- Oil for frying
6- Flour 1 cup
7- Bread crumbs 1 cup
8- Egg 2


1- Take a bowl add chicken pieces in it than add garlic paste
   black pepper, onion and salt.

2- Add this mixture in the chopper to mince it.

3- Put this mixture in a fridge for half an hour.

4- Beat the eggs in a bowl now take the mixture out from the
   fridge and make nuggets.

5- First coat them in a flour than dip in egg than coat in bread crumbs.

6- Heat oil in a pan and deep fry nuggets in it.

7- Serve hot with tomato ketchup .

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