Tuesday, May 21, 2013



1- Milk 2 litre
2- Rice (soaked crushed) 100 gm
3- Green cardamon 6 to 8
4- Sugar 200 gm
5- Kewra essence few drops
6- Almond (Thin slices) 25 gm
7- Pistachio (Thin slices) 25 gm
8- Silver paper for decoration


1-Clean the rice and soak in the water for one hour.

2-Heat the milk and bring to boil.

3-After that add the rice in the milk.

4-Cook it over medium heat and stir it with a wooden spoon.

5-When cooked check it consistency and add sugar and cardamon seed.

6-When it become thick add kewra.

7-Take it out in a serving dish.

8-Sprinkle with almonds and pistachio.

9-Paste silver paper on it.

10-Serve cold.

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